At Interserv we've begun encouraging staff to write some articles so we can establish a company blog. Sitting down to write my inaugural contribution, the first question that popped into my head was: Why do we even want a blog?


  1. Communicate.

    We're a small to medium enterprise and as such we often rely on word-of-mouth and personal connections to secure work. Having a blog can widen our potential audience, offer insight into our way of thinking, put our personalised message out there, and help build credibility and trust. Comments and other social channels also provide opportunities to receive feedback and engage with readers too.

  2. Write and connect over something we care about.

    One criterion is to blog about something "related to your work". My hope is this encourages insightful consideration of technologies – going beyond the expected and often justified tech rants. Doing this will ideally help our people in collecting their thoughts, articulating their knowledge, and ultimately engage in connectivism.

  3. Get some web traffic.

    The best way to get people to our website is to have good content. Quality, up-to-date content is the best way to drive quality traffic to any site. It raises search engine rankings and encourages valuable inbound links. All this improves brand value, SEO, and the quality and quantity of traffic to a site.

  4. Create useful content.

    Having a blog can be a great way to give back to the community and help share knowledge. We’ve all made use of other people’s blog posts so it would be nice to be on the other end. The content can also be used internally to help with training and development and even repurposed into documentation and proposals as required.

  5. Encourage research.

    Internet professionals won’t last long if they're not at least somewhat motivated to learn new technologies. But having another incentive to look into something new, revisit something promising, or refresh old knowledge can provide insights and perspectives otherwise missed. This process will help improve our skills and keep up with the lively technology landscape.


Hopefully the blog works out as intended. But if not, I guess that would at least provide content for another post.


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