Repos are an essential tool when developing software. This article gives a basic overview of their use and some of the associated tools and technology.

What is a repo?

A software repository, or "repo" for short, is a storage location for source code and associated information.

Where is the project's code stored?

Each project's source code is stored in repo. This repo should exist in multiple locations including development machines, local servers, and usually in the cloud.

What is in a repo?

Typically a repo will include a projects source code, a history of source code changes, documentation and metadata.

Could there be anything in a repo that should be kept private?


Although there is often sensitive content held within, it is bad practice to keep outright secrets in a repo.

Things like cryptography keys, passwords, and other secrets must be kept private and a repo typically is not ideal for this.

Things like configuration values, unreviewed and/or untested code and details of issues that are yet to be patched will generally find themselves in repos and are acceptable. Thus if a repo is to be public or shared externally the lines must be precisely drawn and its contents carefully sanitised to conform with privacy and security needs.

What is Git?

Git is software for tracking changes in files and is typically used to manage source code repositories.

Which repo tools do we use?

Interserv typically use Git. There are many platforms we use that support Git including Azure DevOps, and GitHub, and GitLab.

How to I access files in Git?

Platforms like DevOps, GitHub, and GitLab will provide you with web-based tools to browse repositories and download source code.

Additionally, you can connect to the repository and access its contents using the appropriate credentials with a Git client.

Repos are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to modern source code management. Knowing how to appropriately use the tools and technologies available is valuable as this expedites software development, ensures the security of your code, and leads to superior products.

How can we help you?

Innovation is crucial to achieving a competitive advantage. Interserv believes in fostering innovation by working with our clients to develop new products, revitalise existing products, and looking for new ways to solve problems.

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